News 07.11.2014

Written by DL1MGB, November 7th 2014, 07:08

The original plan was that Robert will stay until November 8th on Lord Howe Island to do some more RTTY operation and to have an eye on the sea freight when it leaves the island. But plans are there to be revised. Robert had to depart for home for business reasons. So the last man on the island is Joe DF7TH. He extended his stay until November 11th. He will operate until November 10th on the remaining bands 30m, 17m, 12m and 10m we left antennas up. As he is a one-man-show now, don't expect more than one station at a time in the air. Also he has to do organisational stuff beside operating. Therefore he will be QRV when time permits mostly in CW to give out a new one on the mentioned bands. Meanwhile signals are all equal and very low. So it seems he is digging out the QRP stations with some wire in the air.

By now we have over 115,000 QSOs with over 28,000 unique callsigns. We tried hard, but were not able to get more than 26% NA into the log. Europe with 47% of the QSOs is the dominating continent. We are a bit surprised that Asia with 23% has not more QSO's as it is our neighbour. We are very happy about the great number of over 2,200 QSO's with Oceania. And not to forget over 1,100 QSOs on 6m.

During the DXpedition one of our goals was to take part in the CQWW DX Contest SSB as a Multi-Multi operation. And so we did. Using the well-known callsign VK9LM we finished with over 11,000 QSOs and 23,582,880 points. On the unchecked raw score table VK9LM places on place 1 in Oceania and place 4 world wide. Many thanks for the numerous callers!

Of course we were asked when we will upload the online log for VK9LM. We will do that together with the complete log of VK9DLX after the end of the operation. We also got numerous requests to correct callsigns in the VK9DLX log. We will check those requests and will do the changes where applicable.

When VK9DLX operation will be closed, we will open the Online QSL Request System (OQRS) on our website. We ask you to be patient and wait until November 10th. We will inform you when the system is up.

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