News 17.09.2014

Written by DL1MGB, September 17th 2014, 08:59

In less than four weeks VK9DLX will be QRV. All systems are still on go and the team can’t wait any longer to start. Our cargo of over three tons was cleared by Australian customs and is now on the way to Port Macquarie. On September 25th, the Island Trader will take it onboard on its regular round trip to Lord Howe Island.

The main team will arrive on October 12th on Lord Howe Island. Some of our team members will arrive some days earlier. Robert (SP5XVY) will arrive on October 5th, Joe (DF7TH) on October 9th and Gerd (DJ5IW) and Mathias (DJ2HD) the day after. So don’t be surprised if you hear VK9DLX some days earlier than expected; and not on all bands simultaneously :-). The main focus of this advance operation will be RTTY.

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