News 16.10.2014

Written by DL1MGB, October 17th 2014, 00:53

Sorry for being inactive on the news site. The last days we were very busy in errecting all the stations and antennas. But now we have a setup which produces good signals around the world and also allows us to work on some bands parallel in two modes. Especially having two stations on one band is not an easy task on a "limited" property of 5 acres.

At the moment our setup consists of 9 stations (yes, we already lost one transceiver; investigations are ongoing). Each station is equipped with a Elecraft K3, amplifier, notebook, microHAM MK2 interface and a lot more accessories. The antenna field consists of 16 antennas: Titanex vertical V160E for 160m, a fullsize 4-square for 80m, a 4-square and a VDA on 40m and 30m, 2 3ele yagis on 20m and a yagi and a VDA for the bands from 17m to 10m. Also the first beverage to Europe is up for low band operations.

On 160m we still have a RX problem. Of course the conditions are not the best for the low bands these days, but with a S7 noise level it makes it even harder to copy those weak signals. We try to locate the source to make a serious low band operation.

Yesterday morning we had a heavy rain fall. 20 cm of rain came down within one hour. We even had a water ingress in one of our shacks, but were able to fight against it with towels and buckets. The main thing: The antennas did survive the storm.

Regarding 6m we try to put up the antenna the next days. No special plans for this.

Onlinelog will be uploaded twice per day as internet connections permits. So far there are over 33,000 QSOs in the log.

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