News 22.10.2014

Written by DL1MGB, October 23rd 2014, 03:29

Yesterday our last team member Bernd, VK2IA arrived on the island. Due to business commitments he was not able to stay with us the full length of the DXpedition.

QSOs are running good on all bands, though we observe a decrease of daily QSO numbers. Due to the relative low ranking in the Most Wanted list (#59, we expected this. And the latest solar flare doesn't really help. We will see how conditions develop until the CQWW SSB.

Of course we are also preparing ourselves and the stations for the CQWW SSB contest. We are planning to participate as a Multi-Multi effort with the callsign VK9LM. Even if you already worked VK9DLX, please call us in the contest. Many thanks!

We made some good progress of finding local noise sources which make life very hard on the low bands. One main source was a small power supply of a TV distribution network amplifier. Fortunately we could replace it by one of our notebook power supplies and the noise has almost gone. But meanwhile we have a new noise source, showing up at North America prime time on 160m. We try everything possible to find the source to get a better RX situation on the low bands.

On 80m we are aware that South America is looking for a 80m QSO with us at their sunrise. We try to be QRV just before Lord Howe sunset (around 0700z to 0730z) the next days.

6m was defintely a highlight the last two days. With a 5 Element Yagi on a 10m mast, pointed to JA, we were able to make about 260 QSOs. Mainly with Japan and some VK's. We also observed the opening from North America to FK, but heard absolutely nothing from them. It is still 1200km from FK8CP to VK9DLX. We will continue to observe Magic Band on DX-Cluster. We will also temporarily operate a beacon on 50.114 with antenna directed to Japan. If you notice anything please send the info to the DX cluster network or to our contact form on our homepage.

We still get e-mails and guestbook entries to change this or that callsign in the onlinelog. We definitely will not do that during the DXpedition. If the onlinelog doesn't show your callsign, just work us again. Regarding LOTW: We will upload our log to the Logbook Of The World within 3 months after the DXpedition.

Please also have a look at the picture gallery ( for new impressions from Lord Howe Island.

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